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Cattle Vaccine

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Cattle Vaccine

Rabies Veterinary Vaccine, I.P. Vet
Inactivated (Cell Culture)
Rabies Vet™"

Rabies is a fatal neurological disease of canines specially dogs, wolves, jackals, mongoose, etc. It is caused by Rabies virus. Rabies is transmitted by bites of rabid dogs and other canines to all domesticated animals and man which in most cases results in deaths if not treated.

Rabies Vet, is prepared by inactivating Rabies virus (Pitman Moore strain) grown in VERO cell culture, with ß-propiolactone. The vaccine is available in liquid form adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide gel. Rabies Vet, meets Standards for rabies vaccine as per Indian Pharmacopoeia.
The manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of cGMP guidelines of revised schedule `M’ of Government of India.

One ml dose of vaccine is recommended for the prevention of rabies in all types of animals, regardless of species, age and size of animals. Annual booster dose is recommended in endemic areas.

The vaccine confers protection in dog’s upto 3 years in one shot, however in endemic areas, annual booster vaccination is advised.

Dosage and Administration
Each dose consists of 1 ml given by intramuscular route .Schedule as per WHO/ Practicing Veterinary Physician.

Presentation : 1 ml, 5 ml & 10 ml vials

For Cattle
Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (H.S.) & Black Quarter Vaccine (B.Q) are very serious disease caused by Pasteurella multocida & Clostridium Chovoei respectively. These diseases cause high mortality in unprotected cattle & sheep.
  • Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (H.S.) Vaccine, I.P.
    Inactivated, Aluminum Hydroxide gel adjuvanted vaccine available in 50 dose vial.
  • Black Quarter Vaccine (B.Q) vaccine, I.P
    Inactivated, Aluminum Hydroxide gel adjuvanted vaccine available in 50 dose vial.
  • H.S.- B.Q. Combined vaccine
    (Inactivated, Aluminum Hydroxide gel adjuvanted vaccine available in 25 dose vial)

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